Brand and Design Solutions

I love understanding the heart of an organization and broadening their reach through strategic branding. I have worked as a designer and communications director. Let me help you with brand and marketing solutions that will make your vision come to life. – Anna

Compassion International

As a full-time designer in an internal agency within Compassion Int. called “Creative Blue,” my team and I were tasked with marketing to the main sponsor base in the U.S. When I left full-time staff, I later became a contracted designer with Compassion. Below are some of the projects that I designed for.

Cherokee Metro District

Confronted with an out-of-date, neglected website, the Cherokee Metro District general manager hired me to implement an entire overhaul of their website. I aimed to design a responsive website that would provide a positive image for the district administration and a positive customer experience.

Victor Marx (All Things Possible Ministries)

As a contract designer for author and speaker, Victor Marx, I managed the design campaigns for two of his film projects, along with providing design support for many other projects. Victor is a creative himself and it was fun to bring his visions into reality through design.

Worshipper & Warrior

Worshipper & Warrior champions men living out their identities and callings. I created this brand to encompass worshipper (part harp) and warrior (part shield). This logo has gotten me the title of tattoo artist, since it’s sported on some men’s skin now (have to add that because it’s a funny fact).

Icon Media Group

Icon Media Group is a marketing agency based in Nashville. I contracted with them and had fun designing for some authors and speakers. “Christmas Dreams” website marketed a film release by director Andrew Repasky McElhinney.

Immeasurable Journeys

Jeremy Slough, founder of Immeasurable Journeys, provides international tourism trips. We worked on his brand together. He had an idea of what his logo should encompass and I implemented the design.

Central Church

As one of the largest churches in the United States, Central Church requires internal and external communications support. I was contracted for a number of projects, including the design of this illustrated mosaic for a sermon series.


Tribe is a youth ministry in Colorado. This brand that I designed for them is symbolic for Colorado adventure.

Other Design Work